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GAC Motor unveils its first smart electric concept car at Auto Guangzhou, highlighting R&D innovation in Global Outreach GAC Motor unveils its first smart electric concept car at Auto Guangzhou, highlighting R&D innovation in Global Outreach...

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Jet-Powered Concept Car The futuristic-looking vehicle is based on the 1955 W196R, a race car inspired by WWII fighter planes...

GAC Motor unveils its first smart electric concept car at Auto Guangzhou, highlighting R&D innovation in Global Outreach GAC Motor unveils its first smart electric concept car at Auto Guangzhou, highlighting R&China's leading automobile manufacturer GAC Motor has released the first concept car EnLight on November 18 at the 14th China (Guan

Rinspeed Oasis concept: a ‘garden plot on wheels’ for CES 2017 Another endearingly bonkers concept from the crazy Swiss designers - an electric city car with an on-board garden...

Autolust The Toyota Setsuna Concept A concept car designed to explore a love of automobiles through time, the Toyota Setsuna is a unique, would-be work of wooden art.

Factbox While many auto executives predict electric vehicles will represent a significant share of vehicle sales in ten years, some oil companies expect electricity to still play only a bit part in transport 20 years from now...

Honda teases electric concept car with AI-powered emotions Honda has teased the first image of what looks to be an ambitious new concept car — an experimental vehicle dubbed the NeuV. The automaker will be showcasing the car at CES on January 5th and says...

Honda reveals self-driving car with AI that can FEEL human emotions Japanese firm Honda's latest concept car 'NeuV' comes with an emotional engine, which can react to its driver's conversations and emotions. Honda hopes that cars and drivers will form a social bond.

Honda NeuV Concept Car is Capable of Sensing Emotions The Honda NeuV has been revealed as EV commuter car capable of sensing human emotions in order to have better conversations with its owner.

Exploring Cadillac's Two Sides With The Escala Concept In an interview with Cadillac designer Taki Karras, we examine the Escala concept and the brand's latest directions.

New Corvette Grand Sport vs Lotus Evora 400: When Worlds Collide Even though they are totally different in conception and execution, both the Corvette Grand Sport and the Lotus Evora 400 target the enthusiast driver.

The VW Arteon Concept will be the CC part deux As of right now, the Volkswagen CC replacement is only this sketch on a piece of paper, but my God, am I in love with it. As of now, they’re calling the concept the “Arteon”, bu...

Honda says its newest concept car will be able to feel human emotions AI, robots, big data — these ideas are all the name the of the game now in the auto industry, as it continues to merge with the tech industry.

Apple just revealed its next, huge product Apple appears to have confirmed that it is working on a self-driving car. The company has recognised the long-rumoured vehicle product for the first time, writing to US transport regulators to say that it was “excited

Billion-Dollar Baby – Chinese EV Startup Uses Photoshopped Images of Mitsubishi Outlander for Promotion Photos WM Motors, a billion-dollar electric vehicle startup from China has been accused of using photoshopped production car images for its concept cars.

Elio Motors Delivers a Convincing Concept Car in the E1c at the LA Auto Show to Hype its Three-Wheeled Vehicle! Last month, Elio Motors joined the Los Angeles Auto Show and instead of showing the latest iteration of its prototype for its ground-breaking three-wheeled vehicle, the independent American car manufa...

Offroad Enthusiasts Fooled By Fake Volkswagen Concept Car Honestly, we'd have been fooled too. Volkswagen of Australia must be a nutty bunch, a conclusion we reached after watching this video. It just released the latest incarnation of it's popular truck, the Amarok, and it now

The 25 coolest concept cars revealed this year so far Automakers are pushing bold, innovative ideas forward with their latest concept cars. Whether it's a car with nothing inside but a sofa and TV or an electric car resembling the Batmobile, concept cars give us a glimpse o

The 25 coolest concept cars revealed this year so far Concept cars showcase key design elements and technology that could show up in future production models. Here's a closer look at these visionary cars.

Aria's Mid-Engined Corvette Could Match The LaFerrari After 21 years of developing cool concept cars for other companies, like the Carbuzz-favorite Kia GT4 Stinger, Aria wanted to build something for itself. Hawkins told us about the car's namesake, Fast Eddy, a "GM-lifer w

2016 Thailand International Motor Expo The 33rd Thailand International Motor Expo opened the doors to its show floor featuring 3 concepts and several launches of the latest vehicles.

Kia teases production GT concept Go to Home Page Visit Leftlane's home page for the very latest car news, analysis, editorials, opinion, and more. Updated several times per day.

The State of Italian Car Design Today the greatest Italian design houses are either pale, foreign-owned shadows of what they once were or merely sub-brand names, like Ghia or Vignale, or even worse — like Bertone — gone forever. we’ve seen magnif

Alfa Romeo enters the SUV segment with the Stelvio At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Alfa Romeo has revealed the Stelvio, its much awaited first SUV, in the top-of-the-line Quadrifoglio version, with a strong focus on performance.

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